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Mountain Resort

Est. 1918

Established in 1918, the Glenlivet Mountain Resort offers the ideal holiday getaway experience. The resort is in the heart of the prisitine forest of Glenlivet, 30 km out of the city of Masvingo. The Resort is ideal for conferences, corporate dinners, bush dinners, camp lovers, weddings, cultural tours, game viewing, and so much more.

Wander through the Glenlivet forests as you soak in the rich balsamic aroma of a most serene atmosphere

Experience a tranquil environment as you gaze at the golden sunsets that sink into the surrounding mountains,while enjoying the many beverages from our bar.

Enjoy a game drive in the Kyle National Park and become one with the African Rhino, Giraffe, Hippo, Zebra and many animals from the African Wild.

If you are a boating fanatic, the blue waters of Lake Mutirikwi
are beckoning. Fishing is permitted for a nominal fee which forms part our package.

There are multiple hiking trails that surround the Resort which lead into the pristine Glenlivet forests. In clear view are the quiet rushing waters of Lake Mutirikwi that run adjacent to the evergreen forests. Indulge yourself in a well deserved retreat and explore the forests

The Glenlivet Mountain Resort offers an ideal venue for Event Hosting. Our facility accommodates an array of events from weddings, to casual or corporate dinners, luncheons and parties. Our outdoor landscape makes for is an exquisite wedding venue either under an open sky or a tent. Campers can also pitch their tents and enjoy a wild adventurous experience.